What Is Hypnosis?

What Hypnosis Is –
And Is Not

Most people are conditioned by movies and television to think hypnosis is an evil tool that is used by scowling, menacing figures who live in the shadows. This shady character is a far cry from the professional hypnotist. Negative portrayals degrade the value of the state of hypnosis and spread misinformation.

In fact, hypnosis is a natural state of mind that all of us experience every single day. Have you ever found yourself engaged by a project that focused all your attention on the task at hand, and the time seemed to fly by? Have you ever tried to speak with somebody who was working behind a computer keyboard and you had trouble getting his or her attention?

These scenarios describe a natural state of trance, which is also called a natural hypnotic trance. A natural hypnotic trance is a state of mind where intense focus eliminates distractions from the external world, and your internal world expands. The door to your subconscious opens wide.

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