Why Does Hypnosis Work

Why Does Hypnosis Work

Hypnosis uses the power of suggestion to influence the subconscious mind. Tapping into the subconscious provides lasting results in a person’s exhibited behaviors.

The subconscious mind is the primary influence on a person’s attitudes, beliefs, and behavior. Hypnosis is the tool that can be used to reprogram the subconscious to make lasting changes to undesirable behaviors and thought patterns that are evident in the conscious mind.

Hypnosis is used to change your fundamental beliefs in the way in which you view yourself and others, and the underlying reasons why you feel and act the way you do.

You must understand that what you are now, how you think reason and act is a result of programming placed into your mind mostly by others- not yourself. You consciously make your own decisions true- but you are only acting on stored information, memories, data, concepts and information implanted in your subconscious mind by others…Such as your parents, teachers, friends, siblings and enormous amounts by exposure to advertising, the media and all those experiences in your life from which you were fortunate enough to learn, but with an extremely small input by you…

You control your mind and you have the ability to reprogram your subconscious mind!

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